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Workplace Assessment

A workplace assessment involves working closely with staff members to identify problematic areas which impact directly on their duties, productivity and happiness in the work place. We will gain an understanding of their job role, duties and responsibilities and establish specific adjustments and; where required; assistive technology to suit each individual’s needs.

General Awareness Training

General Awareness Training is aimed at all employees and gives a comprehensive understanding of disabilities and SpLD in the workplace. Awareness training can be carried out in groups and is tailored to your organisation. Our trainers will acquire an understanding of your needs and deliver training which will benefit your company and staff as individuals. General Awareness Training is often recommended for workmates of a staff member who is going through the process of having reasonable adjustments implemented.

HR / Management Awareness Training

Management level Awareness Training involves general awareness training as well as training on legislation and what it means for your company, how to support staff members with disabilities or SpLD and how to implement any reasonable adjustments when required. We will acquire an understanding of your needs and adapt our training to suit. HR / Management training will be carried out in small groups to allow for as much interaction as possible.

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